What Makes Online Shopping So Popular?

GOSF 2014 was a huge success, and it has now started a new war of thoughts in the retail industry i.e. "online v/s offline shopping".

Getting The Right Size When Shopping Online For Clothes

Online shopping is convenient and many people are taking advantage of this avenue to get what they need, although it can be a gamble.

Online Shopping for Clothing: 5 Great Advantages

Nowadays online shopping for clothes has become more like a daily activity for the modern women. Despite its few flaws, buying clothing from an e-retailer is very popular.

How Online Shopping for Kids and Teens Is Delightfully Interesting for You

Online kids toys are now available in plenty of delightful choices for all ages. When it comes to shopping for toys, as a discerning parent, you will certainly take into account all kinds of factors such as age appropriateness, safety, quality of construction and even the brand name.

Useful Security Tips For Safe Online Shopping

If you are hesitant to do online shopping or payments, this article will give you the best security tips so that you may go ahead and shop online

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Things to do on a Family Trip to Dubai by Indigojlt

Dubai serves as an ideal destination for a family trip and this is due to the abundance of beaches, amusement parks and innumerable other attractions that can keep you and your partner as well as the kids occupied and excited. Here are the five most popular activities you can indulge yourselves in, while you are in Dubai:

When you rent a car in UAE, you can actually make the most of your trip because you don’t have to keep waiting for the public transport to travel to every desired location. IndigoJLT gives you a choice to choose from a huge array of vehicles and also deals in customized packages.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

4 Hottest Lesbian Celebrities In Hollywood

Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 Home Decor Trends That Are in Vogue This Season

While most of us are constantly looking at newer ways of making our own appearances better every day, the same amount of attention is never paid to our homes. We want to keep our clothes updates as per the latest trends in the market but our homes can be the way they are, right? Unfortunately, that’s a big mistake most of us make. Since our homes are as much of a reflection of our personality as our clothes, it’s important to keep them as trendy as we keep our clothes. Where we live has to have a personality and style as well. And that style should constantly change and evolve.
Just like fashion, home décor trends also keep changing with time. If you’re looking at giving your home a major reboot in terms of décor and interiors, here’s a list of five home décor trends currently topping all charts.
Relaxed Living Rooms
Relaxed Living Rooms
When you invite someone over to your house, the idea is to make them feel comfortable. Therefore it’s best to not have furniture that’s too formal or staid. The trend these days is to get rid of formal sofas and get versatile lounging beds instead. They’re big in size and can accommodate more people and give out a relaxed, chilled out vibe too.
Blue Paint
Blue Paint
It is the definite colour of ‘cool’ and in the scorching heat nothing looks and feels better on your walls than this shade. Blue is known to invoke a sense of calmness, making the environment cooler and bring down tempers. Along with all of this, it makes for a great options for the walls as it goes well with most colours for your furniture, accessories and hangings too.
Black Window Sashes
Black Window Sashes
This might sound like a basic thing but black window sashes are back in a big way. The thing with black is that it draws attention especially when surrounded by white or other lighter colours. By keeping your window sashes black in colour, you automatically draw the spotlight on them. It is a great way to showcase your fancy windows and balconies.

Four-Poster Beds
Four-Poster Beds
They’re romantic, they’re classic and they’re grand. Do you need any more reasons to get a four-poster bed for your room? These vintage beds that are now mostly limited to palace hotels are making a wonderful comeback to the bedrooms of those who want to add a touch of old school to their interiors. Yes, they take additional space but then to win some you have to lose some, right?
Statement Light Pieces
Statement Light Pieces
These are the new ‘it’ thing in the world of home décor. A home is never complete without atleast one statement light installation in it. The options are endless- you can choose any abstract or structured design as long as it is bigger than other lighting instruments in your house and goes well with other things in your living room.

'How I cut my shopping bill from £100 to £20 a week, with help from some body builders'

Meet Lorna Cooper – the mum of four who managed to save a massive £4,000 on her shopping bill and still feed her family of six. These are the secrets of her success

Lorna Cooper (pictured on the right) feeds her family of six for just £20 a week
“People always thinks it’s impossible to feed the six of us on just £20 a week,” Lorna Cooper, from Paisley, said. “But once you’ve bought your staples like rice and pasta, meat and spices to flavour things, then the rest can come in pretty cheap.”
Lorna started trimming her food bill two years ago. Before that she was spending £100 a week feeding her husband, three children and one step-child.
Now her food costs just a fifth of that.

No single trick, but lots of tips

Sadly there's no single secret to turning £100 a week into £20. Rather a series of methods.
Buying in bulk, cooking from raw ingredients, shopping around, bargain hunting, using more than one supermarket, making full use of your freezer and planning your meals are just some of the techniques she uses.
Fortunately, the pay off is worth it.
“It can be time consuming,” Lorna admitted. “I do shop around for the best deals, trawl websites looking for offers and shop in discount retailers and Asian supermarkets for the best buys. But to save around £4,000 a year just on food is worth the time and effort.”

Start with the biggest expense

Lorna Cooper with her family - and a LOT of value meat
For Lorna, meat was a big cost. Fully a quarter of her original food budget went on protein alone and to bring that bill down she looked outside traditional channels.
Where? To a body-building supplies site. Body builders and other athletes need a lot of protein to replenish (or grow) their muscles after exercise, and so there are sites dedicated to getting a lot of protein (be it chicken, beef, eggs, or fish) for less money.
Sites that mums can use just as easily to feed a family as a weight lifter can use to build their pecks.
“The growing mum fans took us slightly by surprise,” said Darren Beale fromMusclefood.com. “Most of our customers are body builders, sports people or fitness fanatics.
“We knew we were offering premium products at low prices and keeping the cost down by selling in bulk. For mums that works perfectly – a hungry family with growing kids always needs good quality, fresh meat and if mum wants to freeze, then she can.”
And the savings can be big. Lorna's cut her meat bill for a family of six from £25 to £10 by using the site.
Additionally, by buying meat in bulk or when it's on offer and freezing it, it means she can cut that expense from her shopping bill for weeks – if not months – at a time. Needing just fresh fruit and vegetables to go with it.
You can see a selection Lorna's budget recipes here and tips here - or check out her Facebook page for more inspiration.
For tips on how to cut your own bill, see our guide on the 10 best online food shopping deals.

How to cut your own bill

GettyShopping trolley
Spend less, get more
If you're looking to save on your own supermarket shopping, we're here to help.
Cashback sites are also a great way to save big - especially on your online food shop, see the best deals here.
If you're looking for money-off coupons, bargain hunting expert Jordon Cox lets you know the best places to find them here.
Faith Archer recently spent a week living off £1 a day, she shares her favourite recipes from the week here (none costing more than 42p a dish).
And don't forged the frozen aisle – you can save a fair bit of cash on exactly the same food.

Shopping app Sweet Couch looks to raise Rs 40 crore in Series-A round

Technologies, a Mumbai-based tech startup, is planning to raise between Rs 35 crore and Rs 40 crore in a Series-A round of funding from existing investors and private equity players in 2015.

The startup had earlier raised $2 million in a pre-Series-A round from an institutional investment firm.
"A majority of the proposed funds will be used for product enhancements, including building algorithms and machine learning, around our newly-launched window-shopping mobile app," founder Rajesh Chokhani told Business Standard.
Sweet Couch on Wednesday launched a window-shopping mobile app with the same name, on iOS and Android platforms.

The app has a 'Chit-Chat' feature that allows users to browse through products and converse with friends and family without leaving the platform, thereby eliminating the requirement of taking screenshots to text or email the image to seek an opinion.

The Sweet Couch app, which has tied up with 2,500 online shops, small boutiques and independent designers, offers lifestyle products in premium lighting, fashion clothing, home and outdoor decor categories.
"At present, our focus is on user engagement. We will look at the monetisation part only after a year," Chokhani said, adding that Sweet Couch was looking at various options, including premium listings of online shops, to garner revenues.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Online Women Jewellery - A true Companion of fresh fashion and hassle free shopping experience!

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The most reliable and impeccable factor of the online stores are we could place our orders at any time of day or night.  Even if you are new to the online shop, you could also seek advice from the experts for completing the shopping procedures. When it comes to complete contentment of shopping experience, it is important to trust only the reputed sites for hassle free shopping experiences.  Right from the daily wear to heavy jewelleries there are splendors of varieties available on the online stores.  The online stores do display fresh fashion jewellery which easily makes a special place in your heart. You could deck up this jewelleries and compliment your look for parties, formal, casual, wedding or other festive occasions. At the online stores, for to be brides long necklaces, mangalsutra, toe ring, bangles, mangtikka and the anklets are available at very feasible prices.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Xiaomi Mi 4 gets Rs 2000 price cut in India; to compete with 64GB OnePlus One at Rs 21,999

Xiaomi's Mi 4

By tech2 News Staff /  17 Apr 2015 , 19:12
Xiaomi recently celebrated the Mi Fan festival by offering several devices for Rs 2,000 less, including the celebrated Mi 4. Now, the company has no plans to go back to the older pricing. An official statement by the company reads, “Mi India offered a special price for Mi 4 during Mi Fan Festival, and it was very well received. We have thus decided to make this price drop permanent.”
The 16GB Mi 4 priced at Rs 19,999 is available for Rs 17,999 after the price cut, while the 64GB model is up for grabs at Rs 21,999, which is down from its original Rs 23,999 price tag. It is now available on Flipkart and offline via The Mobile Store. Manu Jain has revealed that the Mi 4 will also be made available on Snapdeal and Amazon soon.
The new pricing also brings it at par with the OnePlus One. The Xiaomi Mi 4 was certainly priced well for its features and performance when launched, but its 12GB usable memory was definitely one of the major flaws. Specially when you considered the fact that with just Rs 2,000 more you could get the OnePlus One which cames with similar specs and 64GB memory (four times that of the Mi 4). Read our complete Xiaomi Mi 4 review to know more.
The price cut is also an indication that the company is paving way for its new smartphone supposedly to be called Mi 4i. It is expected to be unveiled at an event named ‘Global Mi phone premiere’ that will take place in New Delhi on April 23. The new device is rumoured to sport a 1.65GHz Snapdragon 615 octa-core 64-bit processor paired with 2GB RAM and will run on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop out-of-the-box. These specs closely resemble the unannounced Xiaomi device, dubbed ‘Ferrari’ that appeared in a benchmark listing last month.